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The perfect introduction

This online mediation course is simple, easy to follow and is the perfect introduction to anyone thinking of entering mediation practice. The course design allowed me to engage with the course content at my own pace, allowing me to squeeze in a few minutes a day to go through the content.

Whitney Msingo

Very useful!

Very useful platform for deciding on mediation training!

Annabell Chepktot

Strategies for HR

Answered my questions on what mediation is with some pointers on how to adopt its strategies towards my HR profession.

David K

I loved the course!

The uncomplicated presentations, the illustrations and the quizzes were great. It made me want to come back for the 40-hour course – l think l would grasp things easier this time round. As an introduction to the 40-hour course, it is excellent and you could consider making it mandatory.

Nyambura Mbatia

A deeper understanding

A really engaging and fun course that shone a light on mediation and how it works. Recommended.

Thank you very much to the course designers. It was a very worthwhile use of my time and gave me a deeper understanding of mediation.

Rupert Lipton

An excellent introduction

This short course is an excellent introduction to the art and science of mediation, before deciding if you want to take the full 40-hour accredited mediation training course. It covers the essential elements of the mediation process and the key skills that mediators use. It will whet your appetite to find out more and develop your own skills in mediation.

Kevin Churchill, Commercial Mediator

Did you know...

…mediation is enshrined in the Consitution of Kenya?

Article 159 – Judicial authority

(1) Judicial authority is derived from the people and vests in, and shall be exercised by, the courts and tribunals established by or under this Constitution.

(2) In exercising judicial authority, the courts and tribunals shall be guided by the following principles—

(a) justice shall be done to all, irrespective of status;

(b) justice shall not be delayed;

(c) alternative forms of dispute resolution including reconciliation, mediation, arbitration and traditional dispute resolution mechanisms shall be promoted, subject to clause (3);

(d) justice shall be administered without undue regard to procedural technicalities; and the purpose and principles of this Constitution shall be protected and promoted.

(3) Traditional dispute resolution mechanisms shall not be used in a way that—

(a) contravenes the Bill of Rights;

(b) is repugnant to justice and morality or results in outcomes that are repugnant to justice or morality; or

(c) is inconsistent with this Constitution or any written law.

Our mediation skills online courses will give you an in-depth understanding of mediation as an effective dispute resolution process.

Completing the course will give you skills that you can use straight away in your professional and personal lives. It will help you decide if you would like to invest in the full training and become an accredited mediator.

Mediation is a core business process.

Mediator skills are leadership skills. is the online portal for

Dispute Resolution Services.

Promoting Mediation in Kenya since 1996

Dispute Resolution Services is a not for profit company established in Kenya in 1996.

For nearly three decades its founders, Anthony Gross and Rupert Watson, have promoted and facilitated the practice of mediation in East Africa as a fast and cost-effective means of resolving all kinds of disputes.

In 2012, DRS partnered with Strathmore University to establish and support the Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre by developing Kenya’s first internationally accredited 40-hour mediation course designed for Kenya.

Amanda Bucklow, a leading mediator, early pioneer of mediation and mediation education provider based in the United Kingdom, joined the partnership and redesigned the training and accreditation from the ground up. The bespoke course ensured relevance for Kenya, respected local traditions and supported the Constitution of Kenya. It exceeds established international standards of training.

In addition, and to ensure consistency in assessment, the course included a unique online full immersive mediation simulation developed by Amanda in partnership with EmpowerTheUser. ETU is the undisputed leader in online skills training in the world. In addition, the scoring and feedback were validated by leading academics.

Once again, DRS played a significant role in investing in cost-effective training and accreditation which was also pioneering at that time.

2023 heralds the launch of another first for DRS: an accessible, affordable online course to teach mediation skills relevant to you, your community and your business, right now.

 Class of 2014 – Facilit8 Learning – Foundation Skills for Mediators

Participants from the first mediation skills training course held in Nairobi in 2014.

What a fantastic group of students, many of whom have reported great outcomes from using their skills, and not just as mediators! They use them daily, with their clients and with their families and some now teach the skills to others.


I remember taking this photograph. The confidence and community is in plain sight which is more than you can say for the teacher! It was my final skill training: how to look great in a photograph and get over 30 people into the same shot. And it was a mediation!”

Amanda Bucklow, Course Director

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